Father Daughter Shoot

I had such a good time taking pics for Chris and Cali yesterday. Not only because I really enjoy taking pictures (and clearly they’re both very photogenic so it makes my job easier), but also because I loved witnessing such an adorable father/daughter duo! I couldn’t help but to think about how special the relationship is between a dad and a daughter. Being a daughter myself, I know how much a girl needs her dad. But I didn’t as often think about how much a dad needs his daughter. These two are a beautiful example of this. Cali and I were in the car together after getting ice cream and she said “I’m never getting married to anyone else, I’m gonna marry my daddy.” While it was funny and cute that she doesn’t quite understand marriage and thinks it’s actually acceptable to marry her dad, it’s so sweet that in her eyes, there’s no other love that will be good enough or comparable than the love from her dad and her love for him. In the same way, I hope one day Cali knows that she means just as much (probably even more) to her dad as he means to her. She changed his life. She’s his saving grace.

I’m extremely fortunate to have such a great relationship with my own dad and for the never ending, unconditional love that he has shown me over the years. As much as my relationship with my dad means to me and how much I rely on his love and support, its hard to believe that my relationship with my Father in Heaven means even more. My Heavenly Father reminds me that His love far exceeds any love anyone on earth has to offer. It’s the most important relationship I’ll ever have. The most powerful, unbreakable bond. My ultimate protector, comforter, supporter and friend. Everyday, I find my contentment knowing that I am His and He is mine and I am incredibly grateful for the love He has for me.

The most important job a Father has is to show his children the kind of love that Jesus has for us. I’m thankful that my dad is a perfect reflection of God’s love for me and I pray that Chris can continue to do that for Cali and for my husband to do the same for our kids someday.

Folks, the happiness you see in these photos is real! Even away from the camera the love they have for each other radiates through both of them; I just had the privilege of capturing such a special bond. 🙂



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